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Thunder: The Smartest Noise-Cancelling Lightning Earphones


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Why No Headphone Jack?

So, Apple have decided to ditch the headphone port for the latest iPhone. This probably isn’t much of a secret anymore, nor is it much of a scoop.

Nevertheless, this fact will leave some iPhone users feeling a little bit queasy as there has been little in the way of warning and many may find their current earphones quickly become redundant, requiring additional expense.

However, although some degree of dissatisfaction is inevitable, the most ardent Apple followers will be well aware that when it comes to switching hardware standards, Apple is always well ahead of the curve. Not only has Apple consistently been the earliest of the early adopters, in each case Apple’s decision has proven to be prescient. Whether the move away from floppy disk drives and LAN ports, or the transition from 30-pin to Type-C, Apple has always led the way.

3.5mm audio connectors have been around for more than 50 years and have proven to be one of the most resilient standards in tech. The decision to ditch such a ubiquitous connector wouldn’t have been taken lightly, but Apple obviously felt they couldn’t continue making concessions on audio quality. The analog 3.5mm standard may be convenient in the short-term, but in terms of quality it falls far short. Lightning is a far superior method of delivering a high-end audio experience, and it is surely only a matter of time before analog audio is consigned to the history books.

Meet Thunder

When we started crafting Thunder just over a year ago our vision was clear. We needed to create something that had never been seen before, digital earphones that absolutely refused to compromise on audio quality. We hope that the end result can both surprise and inspire you. It truly is a flagship product, something we hope can be the forerunner of a new age of flawless audio.

The following were the key principles that guided us in the development process:

Maximum personalization: A product that really can fit every user’s audio requirements and preferences.

Everybody’s hearing is different. Just like a fingerprint and a face, no two will be the same. We are all able to hear a different range of frequencies, and way our brains interpret and react to sound is also different.

Add to this the unique personality that each of us possesses, and it becomes clear why not everyone enjoys the same styles of music.Needless to say, different people like to listen to different types of music and in different ways, yet headphones were always manufactured to give a fixed sound, an audio style that wouldn’t adapt to the listener’s preference nor to the track being played. This is where Thunder is different. Thunder is truly adaptable and can produce a sound tailor-made for both your ears and for your style.

Total silence: An oasis of peace, battery free

Noise-cancelling headphones are now a fairly common piece of tech and most audiophiles will swear by them. However, the crucial drawback is that they have to be charged. Always having to to keep your earphones charged and bring along the cable is nobody’s idea of a perfect solution.

Thunder provides you all the benefits of the best noise-cancelling systems on the market without any of the drawbacks. With Thunder, the power for the noise-cancelling is drawn via the lightning cable, removing the need for a separate power source. Not only does this cut down on bulk, it also gives you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the best listening experience available without having to make secondary considerations.

Fully digital: Less loss, more details

By using its own internal audio chip, Thunder is one of very few earphones on the market that can offer 100% digital sound and end-to-end lossless playback. The audio chip in question is from industry leaders Cirrus Logic and can produce the truly lossless audio experience audiophiles crave.

For years musicians have been complaining that even with the most expensive headphones around they still couldn’t recreate the original studio quality. This is because the audio chip inside most devices is extremely lossy; the iPhone 6 only supports 96dB SNR audio for example. Additionally, the chips inside smart phones inherently suffer from all kinds of signal interference. This has left audiophiles frustrated and led to many investing in bulky external earphone amps. Through use of a high quality audio chip built into the earphones themselves, Thunder does away with all of this in a single stroke.

Now on Indiegogo

We made Thunder because we wanted to unlock the full potential of your smart phone and allow it to bring you a listening experience you never imagined possible.
After almost a year of design, development, prototyping, tuning and testing, we are proud to finally unveil Thunder. The next step is to prepare for mass production, which is why we need your support. With your support we will finally be able to get Thunder into the hands (and ears) of the public, where our audio revolution can begin.

Together, we can redefine earphones.
Find Thunder on Indiegogo.

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